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Brand Photography

"Capture. Elevate. Influence."

The Importance of your Story

People buy people.

Your ideal client wants to get to know you, like you and trust you, before they choose to buy from you. Your story, why you do what you do, what led you to this point, your personal challenges and how you overcame them... these elements of your personal brand are important to show.

"I was blown away by the pictures, they make me look so polished and professional and have given me the confidence to show off the maker behind the product!

Bronwyn Mann, Calligraphy Artist


Meet Daisy

Choosing a brand photographer is a big deal. You deserve someone whose style you love, AND who you absolutely connect with on a personal level. I value the relationships that I get to make through this job, so so much. 

 It's quite likely that we both know, from our initial interaction whether we're a good fit. But, just to make sure I invite all my prospective clients to book an enquiry call to chat about your business over a coffee.

If you've felt moved to reach out for me to find out how I can help you grow your business, please get in touch with me or book an enquiry call.

Looking forward to seeing the magic we can make together!

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Our Clients

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Our Packages


Deluxe Brand

Promotional Brand Video

150+ Images

25 x Graphics

Social Media Planner

90 Days of Content

12 Blog Posts


Premium Brand

150+ images

10 x Graphics

Social Media Planner

30 Days of Content




15 images

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I'm ready to find out more,
book a call back!

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